Our Story
Little Rituals is a health and wellness company focused on kids, parents and communities. We believe there's magic in everyday moments, when kids and parents spend quality time together. We started Little Rituals as a mama-daughter project to live this, by making everyday adult activities kid-friendly. All our products are healthy, have passed kid-testing, and are designed with activities to be enjoyed by kids and parents together.

Little actions add up to big things, and that drives our commitment to our community. We partner with the Greater Chicago Food Depository so that every Little Rituals order feeds 3 meals to people in need. You'll find tracking of your family's personal contributions in every package, to help have this conversation with your child.
Our Ingredients
Our vitamins are plant-based (made from pectin) vs. gelatin. Pectin is a fiber and a natural prebiotic that helps support gut health and digestion.

In addition, we are proud all our products are:
Where We Started
We are Chicago-headquartered, and all our products are manufactured in the USA. We started Little Rituals to share our family traditions and create more ways to help grown-ups and kids enjoy little moments together. We have so many ideas for more rituals. We'll be featuring little kids doing big things, and families and their rituals for inspiration on our blog. We'd love to hear about your family traditions! You can submit ideas to us via our contact us page. Sign up for our newsletter, or connect with us on instagram or facebook to get our latest news. Thank you for visiting.

Much love, Sonia & Zara